Chad Nolan: Home Grown, Internationally Known

Capetonian singer, songwriter and all-around performer Chad Nolan is making moves with his music – all the way from the Strawberry Musical Festival in Jamestown, Stellenbosch to the United Arab Emirates in the Dubai Al Ain Music Festival, and beyond.

If you haven’t heard the name Chad Nolan yet, you must not be paying attention: this Capetonian singer, songwriter and all-around musician is making waves from all the way from Jamestown to the United Arab Emirates.

Chad started performing at the age of 16 – but only pursued the career seriously after he left high school.


During the short time he’s spent as a solo artist he has performed at numerous events and is set to perform. He was also part of a band with his friends called Wildcats.


In November 2017 he performed his debut single titled ‘Closer’ (available on digital platforms such as iTunes and Google Play, as well as playing in radio stations) to an intimate but animated crowd at the Strawberry Musical Festival in Jamestown. From there he hit the United Arab Emirates in the Dubai Al Ain Music Festival.


“It was a great trip,” says Chad. “Taking my music with me to a whole new country – and a whole new level. I felt inspired.” But the key to a great trip isn’t just the musician – it’s the audience as well.

“My performances were well received and I had such a warm reception from people from different countries. They truly made it feel like a second home.”

After the event he was invited to spend some time at a studio at La Dolce Vita in Al Ain to work with some amazing people also from different countries as well as make plans for future collaborations with an American artist.


Chad: A Musical Journey

Before embarking on his solo career, Chad recalls the challenges he faced.

“I have been told no so many times in my life,” he says, “and losing at several singing competitions didn’t fill me with confidence.”   That all changed when Chad was a runner-up at the Cape Town Talent Search in 2014: “This show grew me so much as an artist.”

He has worked with a lot of other artists in the industry, but also faced some setbacks, and had to continue on his own.

Chad encourages younger artists to believe in themselves and their talent, and to push through all the barriers they may face in their journey.

“I quit like five days a week, but I get up and I push again anyways,” he jokes.

His debut single – ‘Closer’ – debuted at 5FM and has been doing well since its release.


Besides promoting his single and doing live performances, he has been working on a couple of songs – possibly the start of what promises to be an interesting album.


“I don’t want to rush anything, though,” he says.  “I am a very methodical person, but I can share that I do have a summer banger single which will be coming out in the next two months.”

Chad has always grown himself musically; before his live performance days, he spent a lot of time surrounded by artists, who taught him what he knows today and helped him figure out where he wanted to be.

This has also led him to constantly looking for ways to improve his talent.


“If one wants to go far in whichever career path they are on, they should never be too comfortable – because that is when they stop learning and growing.”

He grew up in a musical family so it is no surprise that his inspiration are his family – especially his parents and uncle, who are all musicians. In the industry, he looks up to the likes of Adele, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars and One Republic (to name a few).

“I’ve spent most of my career so far listening to their music – but I listen to many other genres of music to get inspiration as well.”

Besides music being his career and hobby, Chad is a huge fan of sports; he played cricket and Fives Futbol – and although he doesn’t play as often as before, he still watches some sports games at home. He shares that he is a relaxed person who enjoys the company of his music…but on some occasions he enjoys going out or just hanging out with family and friends.  


He sees his success as a team effort.

“I would like to thank God for my talent, my supportive family and friends, my manager Ronald Arendse from R&R Media, my producer Ebrahim Mallum, my fans and my ex-band mates.”

“My manager has supported me in everything that I have done – and I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for him and his constant encouragement. And Mr Mallum is the best producer that I have ever worked with – I’m really proud of the two singles we’ve worked on.”


This young artist has got a long and interesting journey ahead of him in the music industry – and with his hunger for success, talent and the strong supportive system behind him, he’s ready for anything.

“I encourage all young artists to do what they love, and what and brings them joy,” Chad advises.


“They need to go out there and look for it whether it be music or any other career interest; as long they feel it is for them and most importantly love, they need to do it.”


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