Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Here’s How To Celebrate In Style

Well, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day tomorrow, and you know what that means.

That’s right – it means that it’s time to celebrate the life and martyrdom of Saint Patrick (CE 387-461), the big guy in the pantheon of patron saints of Ireland. Apparently he was taken to Ireland as a slave at age sixteen blah blah blah Christianized the heathen Irish blah blah blah drove the snakes out of Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century – and a break from Lent…which meant people could feel free to have a bit of booze and a party before they got back to their serious fasting and thinking.

And now 17 March, the (probable) day of Saint Paddy’s death, has become a day of celebration of Irish culture in general.

Which nowadays seems to mean wearing green, adopting a bad Irish accent, and drinking a whole lot of alcohol. Even for those who have no Irish connections whatsoever. Heck, especially for them. Oh, and something with shamrocks, maybe? Not sure what that’s all about.

And leprechauns. Can’t forget those leprechauns. Naturally.


Obviously, there’s a lot more to it…but if you’d like to know more, Wikipedia it or something. We’re not here to do your homework for you, you know.

No, we’re here to tell you how and where to go to make sure you celebrate your St Paddy’s Day in style.

South Africans, you may be aware, love partying. So there’ll be a wide assortment of pubs, bars, restaurant and clubs opening their doors for a good bout of Saint Patrick’s Day drinking and themed entertainment.

So if you’re in the Mother City (Cape Town to those not in the know) here are a few places you may want to hit this weekend…

  • O’Driscoll’s Irish Pub & Restaurant: Irish day, Irish pub…it all makes sense, right? This one’s just off Green Market Sqaure, so it’s pretty scenic…and there’s traditional music, food and beer,flat screens to watch sports, and a kitchen that’s open until 2am…just in case.
  • Dubliner Pub & Cafe: Another Irish pub – and if you’re working your way up Long Street, you’ll find your way here eventually…but they’ll be serving Irish food all day, including the Dubliner’s very own Leprechaun Balls and specials aplenty.They’ll also have raffles for tickets to the MN United FC and a killer music lineup.
  • BeerHouse: Look, Irish culture is all well and good. But if you just want a beer or five, this is the place for you. Bottomless Guinness (plus a free Irish car bomb), live music and a night filled with all the usual shenanigans – what’s not to like?

And if you’re feeling brave, there’s always the St Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl – a grand adventure hitting 4 of Cape Town’s hottest spots and including a meal and 6 alcoholic beverages (made up of drinks and shots) along the way. Go to it…and good luck…

And if you’re not in Cape Town? Look, we can’t be everywhere. South Africa in general? Vibescout has you covered for the rest of South Africa…

Anyhoo…happy Saint Patrick’s Day, folks! Party well, and drive safe…

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