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About Us

What exactly does R&R Media do...?

R&R Media, launched in 2015, is a media, public relations and talent management company, managing, singers, models, DJs, designers and bloggers – and anybody else who has a gift the world really needs to know about. Entering into the world of entertainment was always part of CEO Ronald Arendse’s plan – and after many (some might say too many) coffee sessions with Nick Kruger, they joined together to start R&R Media. The unlikely dynamic duo recruited artists, models, stylists and talent managers to join the team, and the game was afoot. R&R Media does event planning and organization, and offer brand management with a variety of public relations packages. Our passion (a word that’s fast on its way to becoming a cliché, but that still fits) is working with the power of media to make the vision of our clients possible. In English, that means we want talented people to be all they can be – and to get the rewards they deserve for it.


Meet our professionals

Ronald Arendse

Ronald Arendse is a Cape Town-born (and raised) business accountant, entrepreneur and educator (of other business accountants and entrepreneurs, mostly). He works in various businesses and serves on a number of boards in various sectors (including government and private). His passion for the media and entertainment industry – and the talented people who make it great – is what launched R&;R Media…

Nicklaus Kruger

Events Manager
Nicklaus Kruger is just this guy, you know? Born in Paarl, living in Cape Town, he’s spent several years working with words (and the people who use them) while voraciously consuming pop culture and entertainment media in general. Lacking talent of his own, he really likes working with, talking about and promoting those who do have it….like the good folks who’ve joined R&;R Media.